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Our flagship product is a self-sovereign identity platform that allows businesses to request and verify personal information from individuals.

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We also build competitor website monitoring systems that monitor, compare and send alert when competitors make significant changes to their web presence.

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Management Team

Max Holman

Max Holman

Max was an early stage founding team member and CTO at a tech startup in Australia for over 11 years. The company grew into a multi-million dollar business and one of the largest marketing software companies in Australia, processing billions of transactions.

He later founded Null Lines in Singapore in 2013, a boutique software development consultancy that develops enterprise software and performs security audits.

Ong Ai Ghee

Ong Ai Ghee

With over 21 years of corporate experience in business operations, strategic development, communications, media and government relations, she also has project management experience in M&A and JV deals at a Singapore Government-linked company, and was founding team member of a Southeast Asia research program at a leading think tank in Washington DC.

She has formal education in International Relations, Business Administration and Technopreneurship at top tier universities in Singapore, USA and China.

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